Speech Services

Approved Autism and Jon Peterson Providers

Adult Waiver Employment Solutions

DODD Adult Waiver Services: Adult Day Services, Supported Employment, Vocational Habilitation and Non Medical Transportation

Employment Opportunities

These are open positions at Out of the Box Behavioral Solutions LLC. Forward resumes to Kristen@ootbbs.com

Community Events

Out of the Box Community events or events in the surrounding area. All Out of the Box Events are open to the special needs community.

oUT OF THE bOX & beyond sERVICES


In Home Behavior programs, 4H Social Group, DD Waiver Services and Parent Support Groups. 



Out of the Box Behavioral Solutions provides several year round educational programs serving children 5-22 years old through School District Placement, Ohio Department of Education Autism and Jon Peterson Scholarships.           

ABA Services

Approved Autism and Jon Peterson Providers

unified Solutions Behavioral Support

ABA Therapy

Our team of competent providers will be with you through every step of the process; from assessment, to treatment, and beyond! Helping your family find solutions to your everyday challenges is why we are here.

consulting & tRAINING sERVICES


Working with school districts and agencies to bring professional training to your location or at our facility.